Cross Design Group

Technology for Museums.




 Redefining the Virtual Museum

What we are offer is a multi-faceted platform that will integrate   museums resources with new technology, rather than a single exhibit   solution. In the marketplace, there is a   great deal of “Wow” factor, but little that presents a business case.   We address the business case for:

  •     Low cost exhibitions using technology rather than physical build out and shipping of exhibition pieces
  •     Archival exhibitions
  •     Featuring warehoused pieces
  •     Exhibiting pieces that are sensitive to public traffic
  •     Exhibits for physically or geographically challenged individuals
  •     Serious games for PC, Android, and MAC
  •     Integration with standard museum databases, such as Adlib
  •     Interactive physical displays using technology such as Microsoft Kinect and Occulus
  •     Storytelling
  •     Phone and Tablet App that can be sold/distributed of real and assembled exhibits

We   do this using the Unity game engine along with vendor API’s. We strive   to create something that is value-added to the institution long term and   not just a flash in the pan.